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Summary of Top 5 Marketing Trends in the Half of 2022 • Thumbsup

2022 is still a good year for online businesses, with trends showing that people are getting used to spending online. Both convenient to buy anywhere, anytime. And there are channels to choose from a variety of platforms.

Today, Thumbsup would like to review 5 well-received online marketing trends in 2022 so that you can apply them.

1. Personal marketing (Personalization)

Personal marketing isn’t new in 2022, but it’s still a top priority. that businesses/stores need to target specific audiences Understand who will be the customer group Through which channels will you communicate? and what will be the medium

84% of customers appreciate it when a store is treated as someone with different preferences. Not all customers are the same, and 74% admit that they don’t like online stores that don’t have personalized recommendations for products or services. Therefore, if the business has a recommended product strategy Or even an algorithm on the website to suggest similar products will make it easier for customers to make decisions.


The world’s most used website, Google, has a huge amount of data from search. And the selection to show search results, which Search Engine does not update just once or twice. But there are hundreds of updates. Let businesses learn and adapt to benefit from algorithms and get the best results.

This can be tracked on the Google core web vitals website, where a good UX (user experience) site is essentially the top priority of algorithms.

3. Automation (Automation)

Automation is one of the most cost-effective and time-consuming marketing strategies. Notifications to customers who have added products to the cart but haven’t closed the purchase. Perhaps customers are forgetting or are considering value for money, but automation can help offer discounts or promotions for items in the cart. It can help increase sales and reduce a lot of questions from customers.

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One of the trends that can be said to be an important tool of many. Brands to reach niche audiences Going into social media platforms one day we might see Hundreds of influencers each day. Create content that has been commissioned by brands big and small in a variety of industries.

Over the years, from micro-influencers to mega-influencers, it has been a great help in building brand awareness and campaign engagement. and also flexible gain credibility and reach the brand’s target audience effectively as well

5.Shoppable posts

2022 Consumers Expect Ease of Shopping Online If consumers see a product they want, they will immediately want to buy it. And that’s the problem of both the business and the platform to respond with content that can be bought immediately. be it a link to the platform’s store page. or lead to the website of the business itself

The Call to action (CTA) button is the key to a significant increase in sales. If you imagine a customer having to search for information or a product website on their own, they might change their mind and not buy along the way.


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