“Sudarat” accepts proposals from the Phor Por Por 10 to support the armed-free zone – reduce violence.

“Sudarat” accepts proposals from PhorPorPhor. 10 to support armed-free zones – reduce violence in hospitals. Add treatment status notification system

Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party, Mr. Pokin Polkul, chairman of the Strategic Committee and Ms. Suwadee Phanpanich, Public Health Working Group Thai Sang Thai Party Discuss with the student body Medical Governance Program (Class 10), King Prajadhipok’s Institute Collaborate with the Medical Council on the issue of “violence in hospitals” by focusing on solving the causes of violence Law Enforcement and Campaigning Khunying Sudarat said, “Hospital must be a safe space for medical personnel. I am committed to joining the push to reduce violence in medical facilities. which must be solved both in hospitals and campaigns create awareness arouse public consciousness The remedial system for medical personnel must be fair. Technology must be used to reduce the burden on personnel.” Asst. Prof. Dr. Charinrat (Por Por Por 10) said, The patient quarreled with the medical personnel. and outsiders quarrel with the patient even though directly hurting medical personnel and the stray But the prosecution is very low. Causing fear and affecting the minds of medical personnel continuously ” Mr. Pokin said that solving the problem must start from the cause of violence. In case of dissatisfaction with the service Need to add notification system for treatment status to reduce anxiety of patients and relatives At the same time, warning signs must be encouraged throughout the hospital. so that patients and relatives are mindful when receiving services In the case of a sudden event such as the quarrels of rivals in the medical facility must be prosecuted to the fullest extent While Mr. Bunyarit The former permanent secretary of the Ministry of Commerce (PorPor. 10) said that the criminal law already exists. but the public does not realize A large number of warning signs in hospitals will help prepare patients and relatives a lot. patient volume Hospital workloads and management systems, video surveillance and the use of technology will play an important role in ensuring a sustainable reduction of violence in health facilities. The Thai Sang Thai Party will play a part in supporting those responsible for monitoring the Ministry of Public Health. and pushed as a political party

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