Stolen Aboriginal spears return home after 253 years

The Aboriginal community hailed news spears stolen by British explorer James Cook over 250 years ago are returning home.

The Aboriginal spears were stolen by Cook and his landing party when they first arrived in Australia in 1770.

After a 20-year effort by indigenous people, the four stolen spears – believed to be the last remaining of dozens collected by the first colonialists – will be returned to the local Sydney clan.

For over 250 years, Cambridge University in England has held the spears since its acquisition in 1771. However, the educational institution has promised to release them back to their rightful owners.

Captain Cook’s landing in Botany Bay, Sydney, where he and his crew were confronted by two men from the Gweagal clan of the Dharawal peoples, marked a significant moment in Australian history for many. Yet, this event is increasingly contentious, with many…

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