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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Stocks in the news (bgrim, bts, ptg, singer, tcmc, utp, xo) 21.10.20

BGRIM signs Bt5.67b green loan with ADB to invest 257mw solar projects in Vietnam.

Comment: This group is doing a great job getting capital and projects all over the region. 

BTS: admin court issue an injunction to MRTA over changes made to the ToR of Bt142.7b orange line MRT after bidders purchased envelopes, maintaining evaluation criteria 100% base on bidder’s tech proposal, drops 30% tech & 70% price proposal. MRTA has right to appeal within 30 days.

Comment: A positive for BTS as it appears that BEM were magically “favourited” for the Orange Line

PTG buys 6.5m shares of retails auto-related franchise stores, Siam Autobacs, from SAM Autobacs, lifts total to 76.52% from 38.26% prior.

Comment: And they’ll keep growing.

SINGER sees 200% growth in 3Q profit after boosting sales team to 1,800 from 1,300, solid growth momentum in electrical appliance sales/leasing…

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