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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Starting a business in Thailand – advice needed

Hi there

I am an Australian with a business background interested in starting up a business in Thailand (possibly in the rapidly growing Cannabis industry) and am keen to connect with expats who have moved to Thailand and set up businesses.

I have done some initial research into the Thai business structure options available and it seems that a Thai majority model may be the simplest and best approach. This requires a Thai business partner who owns 51% of the share capital meaning technically that I would be a minority shareholder in my company which could be a problem depending upon the ethics and trustworthiness of the Thai business partner. A similar option exists for starting a business or buying property in Indonesia and there are plenty of horror stories of expats being ripped off in that country.

To set up a Thai majority company requires start-up capital of 2 million Bhat…

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