Social media gets bounce from protests

Fresh political tensions have spurred communication on social media, with posts shooting up almost 100% from normal days to 40 million on Thursday, says social media analytics firm Wisesight.

Brands have begun to hold back on digital media spending in the fourth quarter as political messages flood online platforms, drawing attention away from commercial activity.

“Some 40 million messages were posted on social media in Thailand on Oct 15, mainly driven by political strife,” said Kla Tangsuwan, chief executive of Wisesight.

The volume of posts on Oct 15 was nearly 100% above the average of 20-22 million a day, he said. This was a 31% rise from Oct 14.

According to Mr Kla, users need to consume content from various platforms and trusted sources because staying tuned to only one media channel could restrict them to one-sided information and make them vulnerable to…

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