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Social Listening: What are the social sounds brands should listen to?

Listening to the voices of social media users online It is still a matter that the brand has to continually strive to improve. to keep track of what opportunities exist in it. that can add some value to the business One of the things brands and marketers strive for is Reading data from research researchers from many camps to bring the data to compare What sound will be the brand’s opportunity or crisis during that time?

Today’s thumbsup brings together data from State of Social Listening 2022, made in partnership with Meltwater, which brings together opinions from experts in a variety of industries. for marketers and brands to learn that How will they benefit from listening to people’s voices?

Modern businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of Social Listening, in part because they see the benefits and harms of listening more clearly. If they act or don’t, what will happen? And these voices began to become clearer and clearer. and how it affects the future business strategy

Social listening is a challenge for older businesses, though. But it has become one of the more obvious strategies for newer businesses as well. So, if a business owner or CEO doesn’t have a clear guide or expert on Social Listening strategies, it means a lost business opportunity.

However, not having a clear team or fully implementing Social Listening is a key strategy. That doesn’t mean you’re wasting all your chances at once. But you can start to study and use tools or applications offered by some of the most experienced developers in the market to simplify the work. Examine background information that will help you understand the context. of sound easier At the same time, various applications It can be better set up filtering data as well.

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But what is worrisome is No solution can really help a business 100 percent. Therefore, a marketer or brand must know how to deploy a variety of tools and extract the necessary information to make the most of it and to double-check it with the available methods. The most efficient as well Also, we must admit that listening to the voice of our customers cannot be used for all “free” tools. because if it is a tool or very detailed information We have to pay to get the most out of the information.

Take, for example, Pizza Hut in America, which runs a campaign in the Washington, D.C. area. In order to know what filters consumers are searching for food menus to get the most desired menu from existing food ordering applications, although Google has a set of search tools to help filter the results of business already But if you have multiple data partners or use third-party apps to enhance your search behavior, you can better address customer needs.

However, what brands or marketers should pay attention to is that the online world is changing very quickly. If there’s an issue or milestone that you want to trend or play with trending influencers or hot hashtags. It must be checked and checked to see if there are any implications or hidden issues. because as you know “Good things people talk about slowly. But the drama, people complain quickly.” Therefore, before posting, must check with several departments in the organization first. Or check through multiple teams quickly to “prevent mistakes”

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And the most important thing is not to go with the trend and lose your brand identity. For example, you are a consumer product brand but you want to catch the travel trend. using the campaign that Going to travel…don’t forget to carry… Something like this can still flow together. But if you follow trends or hot hashtags, you need to check first to see if it overlaps with someone’s brand or not. Including the current that wants to play must be quick and timely It’s not that you’ve been through that trend for 2-3 days, then you’ll come to play and you’ll be neglected by social media people as well.

Source: SocialmediaToday


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