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Slim chance Chinese rocket debris may fall on Thailand: space agency

The remains of a Chinese rocket are likely falling back to Earth tomorrow, and there’s a remote chance some may strike one of 11 Thai provinces, according to the national space agency.

A 23-ton portion of China’s Long March 5B-Y4 launch vehicle has been in orbit and is expected to make an uncontrolled reentry, according to Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency.

There’s only a 1.4% chance debris could come down upon any of 11 provinces in the north and east, from Chiang Mai to Ubon Ratchathani. The odds of the debris striking anyone are infinitesimally small, and the odds are higher they will land in the open ocean. 

Much of the module will burn up upon reentry. 

Business Insider states that parts of the rocket, which is roughly the size of a 10-story building, will likely burn up upon reentry.

The vehicle launched Monday with the…

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