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Sing Girl and “Wing Girl” at Pattaya City Expats Club

Rose explaining what it means to have a Wing-girl on your side.

“I did it… MY… WAY!”
So sang Shayachon Rose at the end of her presentation at the Pattaya City Expats Club on 15th March. There could have been no more apt song to sum up her life and her unique contributions to expat life in Pattaya.

The lady generally known just as “Rose” is best-known for her singing voice – having entertained in many venues for many years around Pattaya and beyond. But her voice has also been a powerful advocate for the interests of individual foreigners in Pattaya. Rose has stood beside many an Expat in court, acting as translator and guide. She calls this being a “Wing-Girl”.

Recently, her powerful voice kept one expat, Max, from going to jail.
Max joined Rose on stage to explain how he had been a victim of a scam perpetrated on foreigners by an assistant bank manager in Pattaya….

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