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Sensible, safe approach key to good scores

Even the best golfers have a shot shape they are comfortable with.

It is rare that they will look to hit iron shots which is a draw on one approach or a fade on another.

A sensible approach to course management will improve your scores. Remember, even the best players in the world don’t attack every pin.

If you have time on a practice round, play nine holes with two balls on approach shots.

On each hole, play one to the sensible, ‘safe’ part of the green away from the trouble and strike the other straight at the pin.

Mr Pars likes to keep a count of his hit and missed green tallies and is happy with his even par consistency which earned him another US$13,000 at last week’s Zozo Championship.

Our golfing brains are extremely sensitive for example, what happens when it is said don’t think of US President Donald Trump’s face — I bet a picture flashed through your…

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