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Monday, January 30, 2023

Section Oh, posted in ’66, intends to maintain relationships with good night, good relations that are distant

Lieutenant Colonel Ronakorn Rattanaporn Thanks for the picture from IG @muad_aor

along with writing a review about life in the past year Including what he intends to do in 2023 that “….the year that is about to pass… A lot of things happened.. …some people disappear from life Some people are estranged, pretending to be distant. Some people are closer. Some people learn to know each other better. keep some people reconcile with someone Closer than ever before The year that is going to pass is like every year. There are gains, losses, better, worse..in terms of relationship “Two arms cannot embrace every friendship without letting someone slip away..”

Next year intends to maintain the existing relationship.. Reconcile with a good relationship that is distant. Let go of relationships that are not good for your heart. and build new relationships with well-wishers take care of valuables create beautiful things Let go of things that don’t fit together. Save time and feelings for a good relationship.. Credits: platoo_2020…

… Bye bye in the year of Brother Suea.. Brother Suea can leap now.. See you soon my little rabbit…have a good year Of Kalyanmit, everyone.


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