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Model’s marriage plan blows up

Italian-Thai model Sarah Casinghini faces the prospect of bringing up a second child alone after her new love, Ukrainian model Vadim Ashab, insisted the pair had broken up and they had no plans to marry, despite her claims to the contrary.

Vadim’s bombshell revelation last week comes after Sarah herself disclosed she was raising a two-month-old child, Emily, whom Vadim fathered after the pair met late last year.

Vadim Ashab

Contacted by Thai netizens via social media, Vadim, 20, confirmed he and Sarah, 33, had been together but said they had broken up early this year at her request. They had not discussed marriage later this year and the couple were no longer together.

Vadim works as a model in China and is stuck there during Covid-19, having left Thailand in January after he and Sarah broke up. He was not present…

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