Sai Charoenpura retorts with slimness and reveals the reason why she has to lose weight!!!

sand Charoenpura skinny mania Ready to reveal the reason why you need to lose weight.!!!


sandCharoenpuraask for a brotherToffeereverenceDebutReady to clear the knot in my heart that I feel guilty about my brother all my lifeIt also cleared the drama of thin mania.Until people criticize very hardto the point that it was saidaddicted to drugsthrough the listtalkshow on the channelOne31 withPKPiyawatand BenzPornchitaBeing a program host

see you play like thisshow that they are very close?

sand : closeWith the fierce motherotherIt means that he will be his unique style.Therefore, the brothers will have to talk among themselves.Sai is the eldest.But we have been working since childhood.Maybe we don’t know much about other social skills.Therefore, if there is anything, you can talk to Fei first.

How is the real sister Toffee??

Toffee : he is silentlike to be quietHas its own world quite highTherefore, we use quite a few words.use mind to communicateSince I was a child, as Phi Sai said her mother was fierceWe will tune in to each other since childhood.

Outsiders will see that sandCharoenpura is strong.Is the real one strong??

Toffee : Using the word strong might not be wrong.But in my viewof our homeWe were raised to tell the truth.Everything will end with telling the truth.If people think it’s strong, it’s not wrong.but reallyAnd it’s straight once finished

How do you show love at home??

Toffee : transfer moneythis is not truebut wantI normally buy something to eat.

But there was some guilt in her sister’s heart.?

sand : father caresand works fastEntering the industry is considered to have a good career path.At that time Father Sai was sick with Alzheimer’s.Then he had to stop from the industry.caregiver requiredwhich the mother is the main caregiverThis time, he couldn’t do it alone.Because taking care of sick people is difficult.At that time, Fei had just jobat allMother has an order thatPhoebe out of workIt’s a dream job.Mother needs labor to help. 1 person carryingChange diapers like thisIt’s impossible to get the sand to stop.Because Sai was already the head of the family, at that time he had to work and earn money.Mom was straightforward.economically speakingFi can’t make money against sand.So you need to come out and help.sand feels unfairHe should have had his life.

At that time, did you feel that it was unfair to us??

Toffee : At first glance, I feel veryAs I said, we just graduated.Just started working for more than a year.myselfhaving funsuddenlyIt’s burning at home.

We followed mom’s orders.?

Toffee : must dois 1.I understand that everyone has their own responsibilities.Phi Sai is like the head of the family.He has a heavier duty than the others.moreAs for me, I will be happy to be alone in my’s not a matterThe first glimpse is not okay.But we can understand quickly that everything has to be done like this, so I went home to see my father about 5 year

It shows that sand has always carried this feeling. 5 yearEvery time we go to work and see him with his father?

sand : yesand caring for Alzheimer’s patientsit’s not funit’s not refreshingit’s dramaticit’s emotionalis Fie besides taking care of her fatherThere will be days when his mother can’t take it.He also screamed at Fi.It gets all the waylike sand does not have a childhoodBut the sand has gone to work.It’s a fun sand job.sand likeBut Phi started his life well.But it’s like it’s been stolen.I feel badAt that time, the solution was to make a coffee shop.Sai thinks that everyone should have their own manageable life.Because one day I have to grow up and have a family.We already know that father is sick.One day my father passed away.And what about Fie?

In the success of the heroine’s sister Hundred MillionLooking at it from another angle, it’s like robbery of our future with what he’s doing.?

Toffee : reallyI never thought anything like that.I see him workingThen he was the head of the for familyI won’t see him stealing my future.We just do our best.he did his dutyIn addition, when I came back to take care of my fatherI have come to start a coffee shop.And it became a profession today.

Hard times for himDid we feel guilty then??

sand : feel badIs not looking at him going to workto come and help usis feeling that it is unfair for one person’s life

Do you want to say something to your sister??

Toffee : Thank you for being strongBeing strong with yourself is enough.because I didn’t want anything from him anyway

Toffee is worried about her sister being too thin.?

Toffee : personallyI’ve never seen him like this before.The picture that he was thin and clavicle appeared since Nang Nakwhich is a teenage fusionstill youngBut as time passes, it will continue to grow.Until one day it came back like this.We are more concerned about his health.

this skinnyBut there are some dayssome setsDoes the sand feel like it’s too thin??

sand : I have been fat for longer than thin.The puppets now are equal to the puppets when playing Nang Nak.

Now there is drama to the point that people think that they are crazy about being skinny.?

sand : not crazyThis drama is quite confusing how it came to be.But people haven’t seen the moments we face.Why do we need to thin first?is that sand has had an accidentThen sand through the neck and insert the nut. 6 oneAt that time, the car’s tire broke.With the force of the impact, the cervical vertebrae ruptured and then it crushed the nerve.So the doctor said that I had to operate.She asked if there was a plan to have children.At that minute, I wouldn’t want to have a’s not readyThe doctor said he was not worried.Is the load weight every kilo, it is a cable that he has to calculate how much you have to put on the nut.Sai said he had no plans to have a family.have any childrenallLet’s survive in that minute.The doctor said OK Knot is at 6 oneAnd then it’s the point that I put it on and put it on.can’t be removedIt’s risky to cut it is riskyNow, when it comes to a certain period of illnesstoo olddepressedeatingdrinkingIt keeps increasing.from 50 little by littlego to 60 The doctor said to be careful.because at some point women will burn their bonesWho would let such weight gain?I’m a starsuddenly 72

maximum 72 And how did it come down??

sand : The doctor told me it wasn’t already with accessories.But the sand did not blow the announcement.And it was the year of COVID.can’t go outNot serious at firstAct like normal people. No powder.something like thisI don’t see much resultsAnd this year, I could not leave the house, so I stopped drinking.When I don’t drink, I don’t want hors d’oeuvres.don’t stay up lateThe weight graduallycome downBecause sand can’t exercise hard.During that time, Sai did what other actors do, wearing a spot bar to the gym.take a photoAnd people say that I’m fat.So he lost his lifeSo we’re okay not to post pictures while exercising.The sand takes about 3 more than this year

At that time, where are we most worried??

Toffee : reallyIt concerns every rangeBecause I have to finish everything.

How is the heart of sand??

sand : very normalenough to lose weightfeel we wonAnd when it’s beautiful, I don’t want to share with anyone.want to be beautifulThat is, there is only one man in the house to keep messing with our lives, it’s enough.

single now?

sand : yesAsk if you don’t want a’s passivemore thanIt’s next.It’s not a matter of having to sit and check yourself why you don’t have one.or when to have

Toffee likes it when my elder brother has a boyfriend or doesn’t have a boyfriend.?

Toffee : he is the sameWe won’t see another dimension.

Do you want him to have a girlfriend??

Toffee : In the end, it’s his life.Ask if I wantI’m indifferentBut if he has, it’s good.If not, it’s not dead.Nowadays, he already has a man in his life.that is cat

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