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“Robinhood” prepares for business “Car hailing platform” promotes transparent service fees Prepare to open for service at the end of 2022

“Robinhood” (Robinhood), a platform for small people. Ready to move forward with car-hailing platform service (Transportation Platform) after receiving a letter of approval from the Department of Land Transport for Robinhood to be able to legally request a car hire service through the application.

aiming to be another choice for consumers with transparent service fees Peace of mind on every journey including job creation and increase the opportunity to generate fair income for the driver group Amid current inflation and rising cost of living “Robinhood Ride” is expected to open in the last quarter of 2022.

Mr. Sihanat Lamsam, Chief Executive Officer of Purple Ventures Co., Ltd., the developer and service provider of “Robinhood”, said, “We are very pleased to have been certified by the Department of Land Transport to allow Robinhood to provide service. call platform (Transportation Platform) or car hire service via electronic system is complete. This will allow us to move forward with the new service under the name “Robinhood Ride” to the fullest.”

“With Robinhood’s position as a platform for the little ones. We aim to provide “Robinhood Ride” to help create jobs. Generate additional income for the driver group. to be able to take care of themselves and their families amid inflation and rising costs of living as well as aiming to be another travel option for customers On the basis of transparent service fees and courteous services that are the hallmarks of our platform.

which service platform (Transportation Platform) This is part of the roadmap to build business growth through creating services that meet every lifestyle of customers in the digital age. before expanding to other services in the future to pave the way to become a “Super App of Thai nationality” that can compete and grow at the regional level (Regional Player),” added Mr. Sihanat.

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