Reuters: Intrigue, uncertainty in Thailand after opposition’s election win


By Panu Wongcha-um & and Kay Johnson

* Thailand’s recent election winners, **Move Forward** and **Pheu Thai**, aim to form a coalition government to end longstanding military control over politics. Despite having a combined majority in the lower house, **their success is not guaranteed** due to an unelected Senate that also votes on the Prime Minister.
* Political strategists suggest that **Pheu Thai may have more options in coalition talks**, as the parties differ in their political change strategies.
* **The coalition’s stability might rely on other parliament parties**, yet these parties may hesitate to join due to Move Forward’s promise to amend laws against criticizing the monarchy.
* A potential outcome could be a **conservative coalition supported by the Senate**, which contradicts the voters’ preference against military-backed parties, but it remains a plausible scenario and risks reigniting protests.


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