Retailers prepare meatless bargains

Central Food Retail offers a complete menu of savoury and sweet local dishes starting from 25 baht during the festival.

Tops, Central Food Hall and Family Mart are preparing for the 2020 Vegetarian Festival, where customers are encouraged to eat vegetarian from Oct 16 to 25, with deals and events promoting meatless food.

The food retailers are cooperating with the Internal Trade Department of the Commerce Ministry to produce a vegetarian menu for 25 baht, on sale at all branches of Tops Market and Tops Superstore, comprising rice with ginger, rice with bamboo shoots, or kale with vegetable protein.

There will be a wide range of fruit, dried food and seasonings throughout the festival, and instant meals including My Choice riceberry tofu laab and mushroom tom yum spaghetti available as “buy one, get one…

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