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Reclaiming the oceans

Coral reefs provide a habitat for marine life. Unfortunately, they are being damaged by climate change and pollution, and their numbers are declining. Many organisations attempt to restore corals by using artificial reefs such as used car tyres, PVC pipes and cement blocks. However, the appearance of these artificial reefs does not blend with the marine environment and causes visual pollution.

To make artificial reefs that resemble and function like natural corals, Prof Nantarika Chansue, senior adviser and adjunct professor of the Veterinary Medical Aquatic Animal Research Center of Excellence (VMARCE), Chulalongkorn University, came up with the idea of “innovareefs”.

Varuth Srisuwan, who earned his PhD in technopreneurship and innovation management from Chulalongkorn, presented Prof Nantarika’s design of the innovareef to Siam Cement Group to help…

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