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Rats on the rampage: Infestations hit Pattaya beaches

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

The shores of Pattaya and Jomtien are under siege by a horde of unwelcome guests – rats. This alarming infestation is not just an eyesore but a significant health hazard, leaving locals and tourists in a frenzy.

The burgeoning rat population, thriving on nocturnal scavenging, is wreaking havoc, threatening the area’s cleanliness and charm.

The Pattaya City Surveillance and Rapid Response Team (SRRT) sprang into action yesterday, conducting thorough inspections and deploying rodenticides in a bid to curb this vermin invasion. The SRRT’s swift response aims to preserve the hygiene standards crucial for both residents and the influx of tourists.

Officials underscore the gravity of effective rat control measures, reported Pattaya Mail.

“Proper disposal of carcasses is essential to mitigate health risks.”


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