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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Question about Thai culture. (Observed street fight of local Thais, maybe homeless, at a night market)

The tourists seemed concerned, but without knowing the story as to why the fight was taken place I'm not passing judgement.

Thai dude got beat up. Another Thai dude had a machete. A third Thai dude kicked him in the face while he was already on the ground. Some big rocks were thrown.

Tourists were in, "Oh my gggawwwdd, no!" mode. This occurred right within sight of dozens of local Thais running their booths and none seemed all too concerned. They didn't have their phones out. Sure, some glanced or watched but none seemed all too concerned or bothered.

Maybe 30 minutes passes and finally an ambulance arrives to the area, I assume to get the man. that I saw previously get kicked in the mouth earlier.

So, my question is related to Thai culture: Their lack of reaction, is this more of a 'this is none of my business' type thing, or is this likely more of a, 'We know these crazy ya-ba addicts and don't care' thing?

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