Police impostors arrested for attempting to bribe officers to release illegal Chinese immigrants

Photo via Facebook/ เจาะลึกทั่วไทย Inside Thailand

Officers from Chiang Saen Police Station in the northern province of Chiang Rai arrested four suspects for posing as high-ranking police officers and attempting to bribe the police with 350,000 baht in exchange for the release of four Chinese nationals who illegally entered the country.

The situation unfolded after officers from Chiang Saen Police Station apprehended a Thai national along with four Chinese people at the border at the Golden Triangle on Friday, May 19 after they illegally entered Thailand.

After the arrest, a Thai woman named Tai contacted the police and requested the release of the Chinese nationals. Soon after, another person, a Thai man named Tong, contacted the officer over the same case. Tong claimed that he was a police officer working closely with the Deputy Commissioner of the…

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