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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Police arrest “major drug dealer” in the Isaan region

Note to aspiring gold thieves – leave your ID card at home before you head out for the robbery. One gold thief has learned the hard way after accidentally dropping his ID card in the gold shop as he was rushing to escape. The incident happened last Thursday at 11am at a gold shop inside the Tesco Lotus Phatthanakan.

Central Bangkok police were so efficient they were waiting for him before the thief could even get home.

The aspiring thief is a former food delivery driver who told police he had more debt than he could cope with and robbing the gold shop was “his only solution”.

Police say that the man walked into the gold shop asking to see gold necklaces. He was just looking at the necklaces on display but then abruptly ran out from the shop with 2 gold necklaces. The shop immediately notified Khlong Tan police. As soon as police arrived they saw that there was a Thai ID card on…

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