Phuket Fisheries clarified Black water at Patong Beach is caused by whale poop.


Phuket Fisheries clarification on the black water case at Patong Beach Caused by plankton bloom or whale excrement is a natural phenomenon.

On March 28, Mr. Sitthiphol Muangsong, Fisheries in Phuket Province, said that from the case of sharing pictures of black and brown water flowing into Patong Beach. Phuket Caused by dead algae on the beach, which may affect tourism. From the examination, it was found that the sea water conditions in front of Patong Beach from the mouth of Pak Bang Canal to the beach Sea condition is black. causing tourists to not dare to swim in the water where the water is black

The event is an annual natural phenomenon called Plankton Bloom or whale poop This is a natural phenomenon that causes the sea water to turn brown, red, green or opaque black caused by the multiplication of single-celled algae in the sea. Causing to see the sea in a different color than before This phenomenon takes place in the summer. and the rise and fall of sea water and wind, which occur only for a short period of time. In Phuket, those found are Patong Beach, Kamala Beach and Racha Island.

However, if people have any questions, the Phuket Provincial Fisheries Office will coordinate with the Marine Resources Research Center and the upper Andaman Coast to collect water samples in order to analyze the water quality to see whether the water in the said area has wastewater quality or not, in order to build confidence among the people and tourists