Phitha invaded Samut Prakan, discussing workers, repeating a wage increase of 450 baht. You can do it.

“Pitha” invades Samut Prakan Discuss refined labor to raise wages to 450 baht within the first 100 days after becoming the government. Indicates that there are many factors moving production bases while sneaking orange screams to call the prime minister Bang Sao Thong Subdistrict Municipality

Mr. Pita Limjaroenrat far-reaching party leader Made an appointment to talk to at least 50 labor groups, almost 200 organizations, at the Bang Sao Thong Municipality Office. Samut Prakan Province which is a closed loop discussion And there was a question-answer period, then came out to meet people and get on a car to give a speech in front of the Bang Sao Thong Subdistrict Municipality. Among the fans and people who come to wait together crowded Ready to shout to Prime Minister Pita

Meanwhile, Mr. Phitha gave an interview after discussion with the labor union. Regarding the 450-baht wage policy, the issue of wages must look at the whole system, not just wages. wages SMEs go inside, sometimes talking only about wages, but not talking about packages that help SMEs. Both about tax reduction from 20 to 15 about lottery receipts Social security assistance in the first 6 months, including if there is an impact on wages, tax can be deducted twice in the first 2 years, including studying measures That has come up in the year 56 that makes the ability to compete and take care of the labor group is the same story

Ready to confirm that if you take the numbers to see Either economic growth or labor efficiency in the past 8 years, the appropriate number is 450, so we have to move forward in talking like meeting with various industry sectors. and will continue to talk with the Chamber of Commerce and the Employers Council to visualize the entire turbocharged body and how to solve the problem for the last time because if in the future, the issue of the Labor Act can be amended Wages will increase automatically every year. According to the inflation or economic growth rate, and it rises a little more often, not letting the money rise in the current way. which can enable the management of both labor and the company

As for the case where the Chamber of Commerce opined that Production bases may be moved among SMEs if wages are raised. Because I still can’t see that there are any concerns. by looking at which country to choose as a production base regarding wages is important But not everything But must choose whether the country has personnel ready or not.

Is there a lot of corruption? What is the tax system? Is there enough domestic market? Is there any tax on export? because as far as they have talked to businessmen Relocation of production bases has 8-9 factors. Labor cost is only 1 matter, so we have to talk about it in a large body. He reiterated that wages of 450 will be raised within the first 100 days of being in government. And now there is still time left before the government is formed. Therefore, we must continue to talk both in Thailand and abroad.

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