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Philippine senators angry onion-smuggling bust is too small

PHOTO: A Twitter meme illustrates the onion shortage causing Philippine senators to lash out at customs officials for small onion-smuggling busts. (adapted from Twitter)

Government officials in the Philippines are angry that the Bureau of Customs (BOC) are wasting time and resources making a big show out of busting airline crews for smuggling 15.5 kilogrammes of onions into the country. What do they want officials to be focusing on – drugs, weapons, and other contraband? No, just BIGGER onion smugglers.

The BOC came under this surprising fire for charging and “shaming” a group of airline crew members who were found attempting to sneak a stash of onions into the Philippines. The incident, which involved 10 Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight staff, caused quite a stir among senators who criticised the BOC for their handling of the situation.

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