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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Pet-loving couple accidently imprison themselves in a dog cage (video)

A hilarious video of a pet-loving couple from California locking themselves in a dog cage has gone viral.

Hats off to Stephanie Ferrari for posting the priceless video on TikTok @stephanieiferrari and allowing the rest of the world to laugh at her mishap.

Pet lover Stephanie and her husband are seen in their home with three dog cages. He husband, holding the family pet dog, lets go of its collar and it walks slowly into the cage. Stephanie closes it and then opens cage No.2 for her husband to crawl into before she enters cage No.3.

After a few seconds, they realise they are locked inside the cages and can’t escape.

They are heard saying, “I can’t get out,” “can we get out?” “The dog is freaking out” and “we didn’t think this through.”

Stephanie’s husband is then seen shuffling his cage toward his wife’s new prison. He manages to stretch his fingers and…

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