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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

PayPal to lock out Thai users at end of month

Most PayPal users in Thailand will be locked out of the service next month unless they jump through a series of complex and quite silly hoops that are intelligible only to Thai citizens.

After a year of nothing but statements, PayPal told customers this morning that they cannot use the service after December 15 unless they take “certain actions” that, while puzzling and poorly described, will be next-to-impossible to execute.

Step 1. Enter your Thai national ID number.

Step 2. There is no step 2. You don’t have an ID number, can’t get one, and nothing else will do.

Combatting money laundering is the standard, transparent excuse these days for making the lives of ordinary people unnecessarily complicated. With no real facts available, sample the latest propaganda here. Paypal, the world’s bagman, plans to shut down all private accounts that are not registered under the…

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