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Open 10 provinces with the highest-lowest monthly average income per household in 2021 • Thumbsup

National Statistical Office Survey the economic and social conditions of Thai households in 2021, revealing the average monthly income per household. Separated by province, the Thumbsup team then picked up 10 provinces that are interesting in a sub-province and country overview.

Divided into income generated from work consists of

  • Wages and Salaries
  • profit from business
  • profit from farming

Non-work income includes:

  • Income from assets, including income from room rental land rent and interest on deposits
  • Non-recurring income, including scholarships and money from health insurance
  • other sources of income subsidy Government subsidies, including state welfare cards and half of the money from the project

The 5 provinces with the highest average monthly income per household are

1. Nonthaburi 41,129.42 baht/month, an increase of 8.82%

2.Bangkok 40,200.77 baht/month, an increase of 1.84%

3. Pathum Thani 39,506.99 baht/month, a decrease of 18.91%

4. Nakhon Pathom 38,788.18 baht/month, an increase of 11.22%

5. Surat Thani 34,402.22 baht/month, an increase of 6.94%

The 5 provinces with the lowest average monthly income per household are

1. Mae Hong Son, 15,495.95 baht, an increase of 9.84%

2. Chiang Rai 15,618.97 baht, an increase of 3.60%

3. Phayao 16,338.27 baht, an increase of 12.15%

4. Sisaket 16,568.69 baht, an increase of 2.61%

5. Narathiwat 17,512.02 baht, a decrease of 1.17%

Overall, Thai people have average income. 27,352 Baht per month per household increased by 4.88%. The province with the highest average was andNarathiwat lowest


National Statistical Office


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