Officials to probe RID bribery claims


The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has set up a committee to investigate bribery claims at the top of the Royal Irrigation Department (RID). The ministry said wrongdoers will face legal action if they are found guilty.

Thongplew Kongjun, former chief of the RID, who is now the ministry’s permanent secretary, was appointed as head of the committee probing the case.

According to news reports, a person with close ties to a politician paid about 400 million baht to receive a high position at the irrigation department. It is unclear what evidence has come to light.

The reports were published at the same time as a selection process is underway for the vacant RID position left by Mr Thongplew when he joined the ministry.

The RID’s selection committee is considering two candidates for the top position.

When complete, the finalist will be nominated and his or her…

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