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“Net-James” confirms that he is not a partner that is difficult to reach There must be a distance for safety.

“Net-James” confirms that he is not a partner that is difficult to reach I’m a friendly person. There must be a distance for safety. I’m glad that the ratings are booming.

It can be said that it is another very hot mercurial couple for “Net Siraphop”-“James Supamongkol”, famous in the series Don’t Play with Anol is on now This made it hot as a cause when both of them were linked to being a bad couple that fans had a hard time reaching. In this event, both of them came out to deny that they were definitely not their partner. because his partner is a friendly person If not going to the event, the fans you meet can ask to take pictures of everyone. Which each time we will take care of the distance already for safety.

“At the end of the series, the ratings are scorching, I’m glad that when we filmed we didn’t know what the story would look like. Because when filming, we shoot according to the scene we read. and the team did their best As for the fun, it will continue to increase because now it’s in the middle of the story. I guarantee that there are many flavors as usual, both sadness and love. Now it has been added to 10 EP. As for how intense it is, you have to wait and follow. In the sweet scene, we do quite homework.”

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