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More than 4 out of 5 tweet people prefer to shop online on Twitter.

Shopping day promotions 7/7, 8/8, 9/9, 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 become a time of massive value creation for the commercial industry. Retail in Thailand There are currently 4.57 billion internet users worldwide (59% of the world population).

And in Thailand with approximately 75% of Internet access, it is no wonder that Shopping Day is an online promotion and has become an important time for e-commerce. Twitter is another popular platform for consumers to discuss shopping in Thailand.

According to market data analytics firm Statista, in 2019, spent more than US $ 3.53 trillion in e-commerce worldwide, MediaRadar data showed that spending on e-commerce-related advertising increased from $ 4.8 million in 2019. US $ 9.6 million

During the COVID-19 epidemic The total value of eCommerce and mCommerce in Thailand is approximately US $ 39.8 billion.

Online shopping has become an integral part of everyday life, and brands are increasingly investing in consumer behavior. To understand how consumers choose what they like and dislike. What influences your purchasing decision? And online shopping, what is the sequence of steps, etc.

Mr. Arvinder Kucharal, Managing Director of Southeast Asia, Twitter “It’s no surprise that there has been an increase in conversations about shopping on Twitter in Southeast Asia. And we can see the peak in the near term The day of online shopping before and after the promotion date, shopping is also the subject of discussion throughout the year on Twitter. As more consumers turn to e-commerce and M Commerce, they will find that the trend of conversations in the topic of online shopping continues to grow rapidly. “

“Brands need to modify the way they market. Specifically, it is important to understand why consumers are choosing to shop online and what influences such purchasing behavior. We’ve found that brands in Thailand are turning to Twitter to connect with consumers and Twitter users in Thailand. “

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Understand Consumer purchasing trends

The day of shopping has become a magnet for both brands and consumers. Twitter is the platform that brands choose to connect with online shoppers. From the latest research, it has been found thatMore than Twitter users in Thailand 4 in 5 People are shopping online

It is necessary for brands to understand consumer trends. Twitter recommends 3 Main shopping behaviorTo help them better understand consumer trends in online shopping

What do consumers choose to buy:

5 products that Twitter users in Thailand are most popular to order online

  1. Shampoo (84.7%).
  2. Fabric softener (75.6%)
  3. Laundry detergent / detergent (74.2%)
  4. Conditioner (66.9%)
  5. Clothing (66.7%)

Key factors to help consumers make online shopping decisions

4 main reasons why Thai consumers choose to shop online

  • Free shipping (63%)
  • Various discounts (57%)
  • Pay on delivery (45%)
  • Support voices and mention of the product (39%)

What are the consumers interested in?

Women are the most popular Twitter shopping group in Thailand. Just know what consumers are generally interested in. This will help brands optimize their marketing strategies and target advertising audiences. Women shopper on Twitter are interested in music, healthy food and drink, cooking, Beauty and Cosmetics While young shoppers are interested in technology, music, sports and news.

Review product information Before making a purchase

Online shopping is not just about logging in and logging out of the system. But the steps to
Shopping online is longer than you think. And is very different from the original Studying and planning before making a purchase is an important part of the shopping process, with 94% of Twitter shoppers looking at their wishlist before making a purchase.

Tweet Credits From: https://twitter.com/BrightMinho/status/1314262189545381889

Online shopper on Twitter is an influencer. Like discovering new things Be open to new products Or new ideas Be creative and often participate in the conversation when it comes to shopping for brands.This is important to maintain a positive brand reputation as 50% of online shoppers in Thailand. They often check brand and product information on social networks. Including on Twitter

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Pay attention to every step More than just making a purchase

Online shopping is one step. When researching shopping days like 10/10, Twitter has found that the e-commerce process is 10-14 days, with a key focus that brands can take advantage of during their stay. There is a promotion. If a brand is invested and focuses on selling a specific product only on the 10th of the 10th month, it will benefit less than brands that have been engaging with consumers during the period since before the promotion. Until after the promotion date

Get to know 5 The steps for online shopping on Twitter

For the brand to be successful in marketing online most effectively. Twitter therefore shares the essentials of five moments of online shopping.

  1. Start tweeting

Before the date of the promotion A week Should start building up a conversation on Twitter. Twitter users will tweet about discount codes. And will keep those codes to help them get more discounts on promotion days

A trick: Start the conversation by releasing a special code or detailing the brand’s promotions. Create influencers and influencers on Twitter to tweet the “must-have stuff” that will help shoppers grow in demand for their products

Tweet Credits From: https://twitter.com/Thookboktor/status/1303341932253294594

2. Warm up

Phase 2 will be the time when users on Twitter start discussing with their friends. To what they are planning to buy

A trick: Work with influencers Twitter. As a brand supporter to influence shoppers and also help “Warm-up” conversation before the actual date

Tweet Credits From: https://twitter.com/mmytype_/status/1303345470974996480

Phase 3: Online shopping day

When the real day comes Some shoppers are still searching for special discount codes and this will affect their purchasing decisions that day.

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Tips for brands: Online Shopping Day is a time when Twitter users can influence. With product reviews and comments Influencers on Twitter can influence other people’s purchasing decisions.

Phase 4: Unboxing review

Twitter shoppers love to share information about what they have been shopping for. Especially after the promotion date After a few days They often share pictures of opening boxes of the cool items they have bought. And if the brand continues to do promotions This is the time when other shoppers There may be a decision to buy more. Because he saw other people have bought the product Including tweets and messages from both the brand itself and from influencers

A trick: Doing a whitelist involving tweets that reviews unboxing the product will help generate more conversations and help drive further purchasing decisions.

Tweet Credits From: https://twitter.com/joyjeeloveberry/status/1304612892721836032

Phase 5: After the promotion date has passed

In the last period, it is still possible to create an engine for 3-4 days after the consumer has bought it. There will be tweets and feedback on the product. While some people might like to be reminded that the promotion is almost over Or the consumer groups that support the brand can be another tool that will make people want to shop in the last days. Before the end of the promotion as well

A trick: Send messages that encourage final purchase decisions, such as “last day slash” or “last chance”, etc.

Tweet Credits From: https://twitter.com/twoajumma/status/1304687517849907201

With situations of keeping your distance and limiting your travel Causing the consumer decision-making behavior to change The people of Twitter are very influential when talking about online shopping and brands. I turned to use Twitter as a way to launch more new products and services.


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