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    Welcome to our Table tennis group. We are a friendly group who love Table Tennis. We usually play Saturday afternoon and some weekday evenings at our new location: Central Plaza Bangna which has the bonus of air conditioning and proper rubberised flooring material.

    Located on a level just above the top floor of Central (same floor as the cinema and Aqua Park. Look for the escalator with the Joola sign and table tennis bat pictures). There are 20 table tennis tables for 100 Baht the whole day. Please pay the staff at the counter directly as our organizers receive no money from members.

    We currently “self organize” our events by communicating on our “LINE” “Ting Tong Ping Pong” group. Please contact our event organizer Stuart to add you to the “LINE” group.

    We meet mostly on Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm and some of us who want to improve our game meet mid week in the evenings, from 7pm to 9pm, (usually Monday and Wednesday and Fridays). We usually tell each other if we’ll go using our Line app group (which you can join too if you join us, ask one of our regular members to add you to the line group).

    If you plan to play regularly you can buy a cheap pre-made racket at most major shopping malls or get a custom made one at one of several shops in Bangkok. Rackets are available to buy or for rent for 20 (OK quality) or 40 (slightly better ones) Baht at the counter where you pay to play.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our Table Tennis group soon. Thanks for joining.

    PS there are no showers or changing facilities although you can use the toilets downstairs to change before and after playing.

    PPS If you come to BTS Bangna you can take white songthaew for 8 Baht when you leave from Exit 4 from the BTS.

    PPPS They rent tables for 100 Baht an hour which is good value if two or more people just want to play for a short amount of time.


    February 5


    01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

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    Central Bang Na

    585 Debaratna Rd

    Khet Bang Na, TH