Serendipity: Embrace the Unexpected (Online Public Speaking)


    In the world obsessed with control and efficiency, serendipity seems almost supernatural. Oftentimes, we focus on planning step-by-step executions to achieve the next big hit. But is success always planned? ????

    Did the achievement happen out of’ ‘pure chance’? ????
    Did the victory happen out of ‘sheer luck’? ????
    Is it possible that some people made it to the top because they are ‘in the right place, at the right time?’☺️

    Most importantly, can we engineer ‘serendipity’ for success? ????

    Come learn about “serendipity” to embrace the twists and turns of your life. When life lands you in an unexpected corner, it may be a sign of a new opportunity. In this Toastmaster meeting, our Toastmaster of the Day, Vino, will lead the conversation about serendipity and how to strike it lucky. ✨

    Join us on Zoom for the conversation.

    What can you get out of this?

    – Analytical thinking: Connect the dots to produce moments of realizations.
    – Confidence: Learn how to gain the skill of self-confidence through public speaking.
    – Public speaking: Learn to speak to a live audience and sharpen your delivery
    – Fun: we take fun seriously at Bangkok Advanced!
    Everyone is welcome! ????

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    * WHEN: Wed Jan 27, 6.30-8.30PM.
    * HOW MUCH: ฿100 contributions to cover Zoom Pro account

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    January 27


    06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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