Join us for great board and card games online or with people living in Bangkok.


    Hi everybody,

    Come join us for some great board games and/or cards online or with others living in Bangkok, it doesn’t matter if you have never played before or if you are a pro. You can chat and help organize online and/or in-person gatherings with the other members in our Line group, contact me directly if you are only interested in joining our group, my Line ID is bkk.bradley

    Playing online games is fun, free, and easy, and you get to meet other gamers from all around the world. There are hundreds of great free online game to play, and the list keeps growing. We chat while we’re playing online, so we can get to know, help each other, and share the laughter.

    When our members meet in person around Bangkok, they might be meeting at board game cafes which might charge a fee, or at other venues, but we never charge for playing games. We have been playing board and card games for more than nine years now, making friends, and having lots of fun over the years.

    Please don’t leave messages for me on Meetup, it’s easier to add me to your Line contacts, we can chat there. You have to download the “Line” app if you want to join our group.

    Hope you all are taking good care of yourselves,



    March 16


    10:00 am - 05:00 pm

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    BKK Fun (Events and Activities with Friends in Bangkok)

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    Bangkok, TH