Improve your Language Skills: The Fast Way to Fluency


    You know that learning a foreign language can give you an advantage in your career.

    But it is no easy task!

    For 80% of the members at the Bangkok Advanced Toastmasters Club, English is not their native tongue. In fact, getting better in English communication is one of the reasons why some chose to join Toastmasters in the first place.

    What if there are some tips to supercharge you in your journey to fluency? Wouldn’t you want to hear?

    If the answer is YES(!), come join us on Wednesday May 26, 2021 at our Club meeting. Layla, our Toastmaster of the Day, is a real polyglot. As a language tutor with over 100,000 followers on social media, she can speak Chinese, Thai, and English fluently.

    Join us for…
    ???? Perspectives and language-learning tips from native and near-native speakers
    ???? Practical advice to improve your fluency
    ???? Practice public speaking in English!

    Join us via Zoom.

    What can you get out of this?

    – Analytical thinking: Connect the dots to produce moments of realizations.
    – Confidence: Learn how to gain the skill of self-confidence through public speaking.
    – Public speaking: Learn to speak to a live audience and sharpen your delivery
    – Fun: we take fun seriously at Bangkok Advanced!
    Everyone is welcome! ????

    To register:

    * Register here:
    * WHEN: Wed May 26, 6.30-8.30PM.
    * HOW MUCH: ฿200
    Your contributions help us cover meeting equipment and Zoom Pro accounts.

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    See you in the Zoom meeting! ????


    May 26


    06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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