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Marketing Association reveal vision Ready to be the driving force for Thai businesses moving forward • Thumbsup

President of the Marketing Association of Thailand, Dr. Buranin Rattanasombat, opened the association’s vision and mission, ready to be “Pusher” Make marketing an important strategy to drive the country. Revealing important missions to create National Branding to be the power to create opportunities and potential of Thai marketers. along with revealing the changing trends of the new business world How the world changes, must change, must be, and how to adapt to keep up with the world

Dr. Buranin Rattanasombat, President of the Marketing Association of Thailand revealed that during the past year Although the Covid-19 crisis began to subside. But from various situations and factors around the world, including inflation problems Ukrainian-Russian War The volatility of the digital economy including the shutdown of China causing the overall picture of next year to be not as bright as it should be Both war and communicable diseases are not yet over, making next year likely to enter a recession (recession), the business sector still needs to be vigilant. and prepare to find a way to fight

for Thailand itself Actually starting to show better signs of recovery. Both in terms of tourism that has started to return, supporting SMEs to grow continuously in terms of knowledge and capital sources. Including being recognized by the WHO as a “country” with strong health preparedness. to the excellent implementation of the Universal Health and Preparedness Review (UHPR). All of these should be positive factors that help build private and international confidence. that leads to increased investment Including hosting the APEC Leaders Summit in Bangkok last week.

but anyway from the point of view of entrepreneurs various operators We are still in an age of change. and uncertainty Therefore, we need to be vigilant in terms of economy, geopolitics, technology and energy security, food and health in order to change and unite the power of Thailand together. which we believe that Marketing will continue to play an important role in enhancing the country’s competitiveness. And marketing is not just a private organization. But including government organizations, public organizations, foundations and others, including being in every department in the organization, not just sales, marketing or corporate communications.

The steering committee of the new marketing association has a workshop to analyze the modern marketing world. and jointly drafted the association’s strategy To prepare for entering the 6th decade of the association in the next few years We can summarize the main changes. of the word marketing and the nature of the modern organization as follows

  • New era of marketing without lines: In this world, there will be no line anymore. We won’t talk about Above the Line, Below the Line, Offline or Online, but those straight lines. will come together in a circle with customers in the middle, becoming a true On-live Marketing
  • Marketers are no longer just titles: in this era, titles may change or function may change. The word marketer will become the heart of every position, every organization. It is the knowledge and qualifications that every function must have.
  • Age and working age It no longer determines the position: knowledge, ability, expertise. plays an important role in the career path progression of the modern world We will see senior executives getting younger. And we will see more retirees working in other roles. These people are always ready to open their vision and always upskill & reskill for themselves to catch up with the world.
  • Organization size doesn’t determine success: we are in an era of true change and adaptation. is the key to success Big organizations have to learn from small ones. Small organizations must learn from large organizations.
  • value creation It will lead to value : In this era, Value Creation is very important. This value can be interpreted both in the dimension of products-services and in the dimension of the brand. Price competition does not necessarily mean being the cheapest. But it must be the most valuable and the most valuable for the heart.
  • Technology-based marketing: people and technology work together. Under the management of large amounts of information quickly and precisely in order to create new ideas and innovations
  • From Meta to Metta + Mitri : Over the past year, we have given a lot of importance to technology. Everyone talks about the Metaverse, but on the other hand. We are entering an era of true friendliness and interdependence, an era of compassion and goodwill. It is a marketing for big people for small people, for the world, environment and society. It’s a market where everyone grows together.
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When the world changes, we have to adjust … the association therefore wants everyone to Let’s make a change from inside to outside There are four core aspects of Game Changer transformation.

  1. Perspective Changer : Every Achievement Beginning with a sharp and broad vision and change will actually happen direction must be clear Have perspectives and concepts that reflect global perspectives and organizational capabilities: Stability , Sustainability , Security, Inequalities … Strategic Driven
  2. Practice Changer : is to change the method. Working to achieve new results : Marketing Automation, Lean and Resilient, Partnership , Fragmentation and Co brand development …Outcome Driven
  3. Platform Changer : This one has a very important angle to the world today because we are no longer in the online or offline era, but we are entering the era of Blended Experiences in Multi Distribution channel. Every platform, every touch point, and no longer separate from each other… Customer Driven.
  4. Planet Changer : The trend to save the world is not just a temporary trend. not just a trend But what really happened Our world is really going downhill. Our society really needs help. So in this era Brands need to pay close attention to these matters. And bring the concept of creating positive impact to develop as part of business operations. Because these are not just campaigns. CSR for PR anymore, but as part of the brand promise to really create brand value in the customer’s mind … Purpose Driven and Real storytelling

As for the marketing association itself, we think that we have reached a point where we need to make a change in ourselves, so we intend to transform ourselves from being just a “platform” or a space for exchanging knowledge to ” Enabler” or “Pusher” to make marketing an important strategy to drive the country, create National Branding to be the power to create opportunities and potential of Thai marketers.

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with an important mission to be an important force in helping to push for these things

  1. Branding the nation : Marketing is an important strategy to drive the nation.
  2. Creating net positive : Supporting the business sector to create positive energy to return to society, environment and our planet.
  3. Driving new business growth: strengthening Thai businesses to move forward
  4. Creating platforms for sustainable advantage : Connecting public and private partners
  5. Marketing for all : support marketing for the little ones

by the association focusing on the main planning in accordance with these 4 core

  1. Connecting to build a strong marketer society both domestically and internationally
  2. Admiring appreciates and honors good examples in the business world. that creates a positive impact on all 3P
  3. Knowledge Providing, gathering and disseminating accurate, contemporary business and marketing knowledge … Learning from best practice
  4. Experience Creating Create a new experience of learning. for executives, entrepreneurs and Thai marketers by bringing the concept of creating value to value

In the coming year We have plans to create many new things such as

  • MAT CMO council and MAT Academic council projects that will strengthen networks between the private sector and the academic sector
  • There is support and promotion of various concrete awards both domestically and internationally. Including the extension of collecting cases of organizations that are leaders in both ethical & profitable aspects to be published.
  • Collaborate with relevant agencies to produce essential Foresight and Insight data so that marketers and entrepreneurs have the information to actually use.
  • Modernize various learning courses Meet the needs of the association’s market and increase activities that focus on learning through new experiences, such as going to work, visiting interesting companies. and new activities such as Executive round table, Afternoon tea talk, etc.
  • Continuous cooperation with the education sector to lay the foundation for youth marketing to be ready to come out as quality personnel of society
  • And most importantly, next year, the Marketing Association will host a global marketing conference in Thailand. which in addition to being an important conference that will arm Thai marketers and also helps to enhance the image of Thailand that our country is as strong and capable as anywhere else in the world
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And on November 29, the association will organize the Thailand Marketing Day 2022 event, which is our annual big event. would like to invite members of the media to join the event at Maneeya Ballroom Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel This year’s theme is The Game Changer with 10 main topics from 20 speakers who will spark new ideas. In doing business, it’s a warm up before entering the new year as well.


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