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Man murders cousin after being bullied about his disability

Photo via One 31

A disabled man murdered his able-bodied cousin after he repeatedly bullied him about his disability. The accused stated that he did not intend to kill his cousin but only wanted him to experience the same pain and suffering that he had been enduring due to his disability.

The 62 year old victim, Somjit Wimonmueng, was shot dead in the early hours of Tuesday morning while working in a rubber plantation in the southern province of Trang. He had two shot wounds, one in his back and one to his bottom.

ThaiRath reported that Somjit was shot twice while he was working at the plantation. He attempted to flee the scene to seek help but fell and died on the nearby road.

After questioning witnesses and Somjit’s family, officers from Huay Yot Police Station discovered that the gunman was Somjit’s cousin, identified as 42 year old Thaweesak Singmanee. Thaweesak was…

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