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Lucky ‘Get New Year’ get more than 30,000 tips

Lucky ‘Get New Year’ get more than 30,000 tips

Money is a rare thing.

But sometimes it comes back as easily as ‘Ngern Thip’


From the news that in the past Past ‘Christmas’

Stacey White, Waitress at Reececliff Family Diner

in Lakeland, Florida, USA

met an event that was like ‘nectar Soothe

when suddenly got ‘Money tip’ A large chunk of up to $ 1,000 or about 34,700 baht

“At first I was shocked. But then the feeling of gratitude gradually came in.”

“And then I started to cry. Because it shows that there are good people out there.”

New Year’s Lucky Waitress tell the television station

While there is news that The tip money came from the Big Fat Tip project.

set up by Didrie Daniel, a former waitress

Because I want to give a surprise Give a big tipto the waiter

with money earnedfrom donationuntil

There is a donation of up to 1,000 dollars. When will it be distributed?

the past ever39 tips have been distributed nationwide.

Guys’little money’ like us, butwide eyed look



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