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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Looking for some folks that want to play badminton weekdays in Bangkok (details in text)

There are already a few badminton groups in Bangkok, but they all play either on weekends or weeknights, and are at a fairly high skill level, and so a few friends and I have started our own group that plays weekdays, and we are looking for a few more folks to join.

We try to play once a week, generally around noon on Mon/Tue/Wed, at an A/C court that the Pro Club at MBK. Some of us are okay playing at non-A/C courts, but a couple of folks can't deal with the heat so for now we tend to do A/C.

Most of the group are in the beginner to low intermediate range, so people in that range are welcome. More advanced intermediates are also welcome as long as you don't have an issue playing with those in the beginner to low intermediate range and you aren't just looking for a chance to show off your awesome power-smash shot on every point :)

We are open of course to Thais or expats/immigrants, the main criteria is that you are available to play at that time, and are friendly. Current members are from a range of places: USA, Japan, France, UK, and South Asia, ages 20s to 60s. Not everybody is fluent in English, and some of us are trying to learn Thai while we play, so you can also look at this as a chance to do some language exchange while we play.

Send me a PM if you are interested or want to know more. Currently we have a Line group that we use to manage the weekly games.

If there is a lot of interest, we might do two sessions a week, one at an A/C court, and one at a non A/C court such as Benjakiti.

We normally just book a court for 2 hours, and divide the cost evenly amongst those that play. The cost is higher for an A/C court, and ranges to free for a court at Benjakiti.

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