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Lion cub escapes Chinese man’s house in Pattaya

Photo via Facebook/ สยามชล นิวส์

Residents of a luxury village in Pattaya called on the authorities to investigate the home of a Chinese man after they witnessed a white lion cub roaming around the community.

The 39 year old Chinese man named Shen Tai contacted Pattaya authorities on Tuesday night that his three month old female white lion cub had gone missing. Later, he informed the officers that he found his pet hiding inside the house.

After hearing about the lion’s escape, the man’s neighbours were apprehensive about another incident and requested the relevant authorities to investigate the house and implement measures to ensure their safety.

Officers from the Protected Areas Regional Office 2 (Sriracha) or PARO 2, searched the house yesterday, March 1. They discovered that Shen had not confined his lion cub to a cage and allowed it to roam freely.

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