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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Light winds across Thailand and cooler weather in the Northern hills

Watch out for some fog in the hills around the north of Thailand, a continuation of the smog problems in the city and a chance of thunderstorms during the day in parts of the south.

A high-pressure system over upper Thailand and the South China Sea is weakening that will cause morning fog as well as cooler weather in some parts of the North and the Northeast regions of the country. Temperatures are predicted in the range of 14-21C in mountainous areas of the region. Otherwise temperatures at ground level are likely to still exceed 30C.

The Thai Meteorological Department forecasts that residents in the upper regions are being urged to take health precautions and protect themselves from potential cold weather, while drivers are being told to exercise extra caution because of poor visibility due to fog at altitude.

Across southern regions of the country, moderate easterly winds are likely…

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