Lehigh Valley weather: Summer 2020 ends with coldest September morning in 20 years


Tuesday is the first day of fall, but Monday morning felt like autumn was already well established.

The morning low of 33 degrees measured in Allentown was the coldest September temperature recorded in the Lehigh Valley in 20 years, according to National Weather Service data.

The area last saw September reach the freezing point Sept. 29, 2000. Another low of 33 degrees was recorded one day later. In 98 years of Lehigh Valley weather records, September lows have fallen below 32 degrees only three times – once in 1963 (31 degrees) and two consecutive dates in 1947 (31 and 30 degrees).

On average, our area will usually see its first sub-freezing low around mid-October, weather service data says.

Monday morning’s low set a new Lehigh Valley record for that date. Previously, the coldest Sept. 21 was 34 degrees in 1956. Sunday morning’s low of 36 was also a daily record.

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