Kaitod Laek – The Best Little Chicken Shack


Anyone who primarily gets their fried chicken from KFC or Texas Chicken should definitely give Kaitod Laek on Grab a go or stop in and see them if you are out having a few and in need of some grub.  By FAR it is the best local fried chicken that you can find, and for cheap!

Kaitod Laek is the name of a little fried chicken shack located on Pattaya Klang Soi 16 alley.  If you are driving down Pattaya Klang as though you are going to make a right onto 2nd road, just make a right on the soi just before 2nd road (it has a yellow mango and sticky rice shop on both sides of the street (turn in-between them) and drive down towards Centric Sea. The chicken shop will be on the left hand side, or just hop on Grab after 4pm (that’s when they start selling the chicken).

Their chicken ranges from 15-25 baht per-piece, depending on the pieces.  If you are a breast man, you’ll have to keep going to KFC or Texas Chicken as Kaitod Laek only offers wings, legs and thighs (along with a whole variety of Thai dishes).  Another good thing about the restaurant is that they are so popular among locals (and us salty expats) that the chicken is always fresh and hot and the Grab drivers normally hover about the place and are already at the restaurant when you order.

The chicken is always crunchy (provided you don’t leave it in the bag) and VERY flavorful.  If you are out on the town and looking for a quick snack, it really can’t be beat. Sure, kebabs are good from time-to-time but sometimes you are just in the mood for a slightly greasy and crunchy piece of fried chicken.

Kaitod Laek was just a little hole-in-the-wall chicken shop that only sold chicken when I first got to Pattaya.  Over the years they have expanded and added other Thai dishes to the menu.  No matter what they add, it will always be the best little chicken shack to me.