Intriguing perspectives of light

Viriya Chotpanyavisut and a photo Evening Background 2018. Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb

In his photo exhibition “In The Mid(d)st Of Pale Breathe”, artist Viriya Chotpanyavisut showcases things that surround us from extraordinary angles and creative perspectives as he turns a fogged-up camera lens, a light shining through the crack of a roof, flooding and the reflection of the Moon in a puddle into intriguing images.

Most of the photos in the collection focus on capturing light as if it was the main character of the show. To present the unusual lights, “In The Mi(d)st Of Pale Breathe” is being displayed in a dark room where each photo glows in its spot.

“This exhibition captures the temporary environment. If we don’t notice it, these beautiful worlds will disappear forever. I like photography…

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