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How AIS makes it hard to like them

This one has been bothering me for a bit now, so it’s time to let it out and feel better. Shared pain is half the pain. Hopefully.

1. AIS doesn’t care about NAZISM

When I had an AIS technician over to set up my new internet access I saw the following picture on his laptop:

Now I didn’t try to ‘cancel’ him or spark outrage or anything like that, I just politely told AIS what I saw and that it might make sense to tell staff to double check the pictures they put on their screen. The response I got from the AIS Customer Service chat was something along the lines of “why u mad?” – at least that’s how it felt.

In times where the Nazi symbol and the ignorance of the past has lead to lots of outrage here in Thailand one would think corporations would be more careful when it comes to topics like that.

2. The Internet Speed Sucks

The internet package I bought is the 500/200 Mbps package. And that’s what I get via several speed tests:

The customer service, of course, had lots of explanations for it. Some of them were:

  • Using a MacBook might lead to lower speeds (WTF)
  • The full speed can only be achieved via LAN connection (which is neither stated in the contract, nor is a LAN cable provided)
  • The time of the day could influence the speed (understand, but tested it at several times over several days with the same results).
  • and so on

3. The Customer Service is meh

The customer service at AIS is meh. The chat response is rather slow and once they respond they say the assign ‘agents’ to contact you later on. This only happened after I escalated the issue though. The first time they told me an ‘agent’ would contact me, nothing happened.

There’s also no direct contact possibility when logging in to the online portal – or at least it’s very well hidden as I verified my phone number three times and still couldn’t get to the contact AIS option.

As you can see overall I’m rather disappointed when it comes to AIS and their service and, most importantly, the way they handled that Nazi Swastika (no, it’s not a Hindu Swastika here) incident.

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