HONOR opens proactive plans, sends HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G to enter the flagship market Target year-end growth of 5 times


After coming back to invade the Thai market for more than 10 months, most recently, Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the leading IT ecosystem leader and the only Sole Distributor in Thailand of HONOR (HONOR), service provider World-leading smart devices Open a proactive plan to add a flagship line, send HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G to strengthen the premium market. Highlight innovation and accessibility to technology that meets the needs of consumers. Ready to support the use of Google Mobile Services and 5G networks. The Magic family has set a goal of growing 10 times, ready to grow at least 5 times this year, confident that HONOR will be at the forefront of the smartphone market within 3 years. with outstanding quality and innovation Reinforcing the determination to strengthen the IT system

Ms. Suthida Mongkolsuthree, Chief Executive Officer of Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited, reveals about HONOR’s success that, “In the past year, HONOR has made a standout by becoming a market leader in China. With market share No. 2 and No. 6 in the global smartphone market, for the past 10 months, HONOR has returned to penetrate the market in Thailand. With the strength of innovation and technology of the brand. Including a variety of products from entry models like the X series to the brand’s flagship model like the Magic family, combined with Synnex’s strength in product quality and after-sales service. Made in the past we got a good response.

By comparing the first quarter of 2023 to the last quarter of 2022, HONOR has a brand growth rate of up to 30% and from a marketing strategy that aims to improve the brand image to be more premium. making today we are ready to step into Milestones are important in adding to the flagship line with the HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G, the latest flagship that will surprise the market with its innovative and cost-effective standards that are sure to shake up the flagship smartphone industry. Definitely a chip.

For the past year, HONOR has been an important brand that has made Synnex’s smartphone product portfolio grow exponentially. Under a wide range of products from smartphones, tablets and smart watches, the well-received product line focuses on cutting-edge innovation and outstanding technology. which will be in the middle to premium range The model with the highest sales in 2023 is the HONOR 70 5G at a price of ten thousand to the HONOR X9a 5G at a price of ten thousand. This is another model that has received good feedback in terms of price and quality. This year, HONOR has plans to bring more premium products into the Thai market by new products Especially the recently launched flagship model HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G combines the power of a powerful chipset that unlocks smooth usage. Ready to be full of AI technology, which comes with smartphone camera features that take it to the next level

In addition, Synnex also guarantees product quality and lifetime experience with Trusted by Synnex after-sales service covering all 11 branches, resulting in the continuous growth of HONOR’s customer base. in line with the development of the smartphone market in 2023 where technology will compete more fiercely than before In which people tend to be more open to new brands, the factors that affect changing brands will focus on good quality and high specifications, whether it is a chipset, a high-speed battery charging system. and camera features Including affordable prices have become one of the key drivers of purchasing decisions. HONOR’s smartphones can meet consumer trends in all dimensions.

For this recently launched HONOR Magic5 Pro 5G It can be said that it truly transcends the limits of flagship smartphones. Which comes with the following features

  • Top-end main camera with wide lens ultra wide lens And telephoto lenses have a resolution of every lens up to 50 million pixels.
  • 6.81 inch LTPO screen
  • Blue light reduction technology for eye care certified by TÜV Rheinland.
  • Guaranteed Gold Label from DXOMark, ranked number 1 at the same time in both camera and screen performance categories.
  • Record-breaking DXOMark for powerful audio

“Although the global smartphone market has contracted this year due to economic challenges, But with outstanding potential, HONOR smartphones in Thailand grow against the market. which can still maintain the existing customer base and hit new customer markets Increasingly through building awareness among customers at the mass market (Mass Market), so we see opportunities for business plans in the second half of this year. And continue to expand investment in retail in order to expand the customer base in order to compete for an increased market share. At the same time, to enhance the user experience for all customers. Synnex has plans to expand the HONOR Experience Store from the original 5 branches to 15 branches nationwide. Including setting a target to expand sales points to 4,000 points from the original 2,300 points within this area. In addition, we also plan to increase sales staff across the country 5 times compared to last year to support the business that continues to grow.

Ms. Sutida Mongkolsuthree revealed her business plan to penetrate the market in the second half of the year.

“We are confident that HONOR’s outstanding potential in continuous development of cutting-edge technology, as well as product quality assurance, after-sales service, and Synnex trust. will result in strong and stable growth for the brand Including being able to maintain a good customer base after this We also plan to launch a variety of HONOR products and continue to meet market demand in the future. To drive the HONOR brand to become the leader in the Thai smartphone market in the future.