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Hong Kong tram company wants ‘ding ding’ to signal not just a ride

Nixon Cheung, head of commercial and brand at French-owned Hong Kong Tramways. (South China Morning Post photo)

Hong Kong’s tram operator is going all out to beat the Covid-19 blues and refresh its appeal by rolling out a “ding ding” range of everything from craft beer to gin, soft drinks, mooncakes, ice cream, toys and more.

French-owned Hong Kong Tramways is exploring ways to survive as it has taken a beating during the health crisis, said Nixon Cheung Wing-hang, its head of commercial and brand.

“Over the past 10 years, our ridership gradually declined to about 180,000 a day,” he told the South China Morning Post. “Now we face very daunting challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

Local ridership dropped by an average of 30% since Covid-19 hit Hong Kong early this year, closing schools, and…

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