Homemade goodness

The 80-seat Front Room reopens today as a Thai restaurant.

When I first learned eight months ago that chef Fae Chummongkhon was leaving the Front Room, I was heartbroken. Through her creations — some of the most progressive yet comforting food I’ve ever had — Fae introduced to Bangkok, during her 2-year residency, a truly adorable interpretation of Thai-inspired Nordic cuisine, which was, and still is, very new to the city.

The petite chef returned to her home in Denmark just before the global shutdown began as the Front Room, like every other restaurant in the dine-in industry, had to halt its services in March due to a government mandate.

While Front Room’s kitchen might have lost its queen bee, the good news is that it didn’t let go of its culinary dexterity and much-cherished TLC…

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