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GISTDA opens a house to show readiness to push the Thai space economy to the world stage • Thumbsup

Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation or TSU by Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization) or GISTDA organized the 1st GISTDA Open House “Beyond the Limit” activity to welcome entrepreneurs in the space industry. visit space missions It also presents the readiness of the National Assembly Integration and Test (AIT) and Thailand’s success in building an Earth observation satellite named THEOS-2A, which has a team of more than 22 Thai engineers and operators. Domestically, it plays an important role in the design, development and co-production at the Space Creation Innovation Park, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province. On Tuesday, August 2, 2022

“Space economy is an important goal that GISTDA is accelerating and building support through the implementation of THEOS-2 project to enable Thailand to have its own satellites and to develop human resources. Develop a body of knowledge in building and producing satellites as well as developing a space technology infrastructure that meets international standards This is important to support the Thai aerospace industry to enter the world stage stably.”

The GISTDA Open House activity “Beyond the Limit” consists of 2 sessions:

  • Workshop with partner agencies : Guidelines for the application of the Development Survey Satellite System, or THEOS-2, to directly present to partner agencies the potential of new Earth observation satellites, such as the efficiency and quality of high-resolution satellite imagery. and guidelines for applying satellite data under the THEOS-2 project, such as urban planning management natural resource management Agricultural Management Disaster Management especially the development of satellite data to intelligent application of data. Also known as AIP (Actionable Intelligence Policy) to enable the use of satellite data to be used to formulate important national policies. as well as exchanging opinions between service providers and executives.
  • GISTDA opens the door to partner agencies to see how the infrastructure is working and ready. Within the space innovation park area, including the National Satellite Assembly and Testing Center or AIT, to support the future growth of the space industry. THEOS-2 Satellite Control Center, Aerospace Operations Excellence and Innovation Center, or GALAXI Lab, serving entrepreneurs and students in the automotive, aerospace and space industries, or industrial grade parts, space technology research centers, or The Space Technology Research Center (S-TREC), which houses the Space Traffic Management System (ZIRCON), developed in-house by GISTDA researchers and is able to analyze, predict, predict the fall warnings of the Long March 5B rocket components.
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On July 31, 2022, the Center for Laboratory Experiments in Low Gravity Conditions (Microgravity Experiment Laboratory) to upgrade Thai research to have the opportunity to experiment in space conditions or microgravity at the microG level, which will result in different research results. with behavior from space and can be used as a hypothesis in actual research in space. Building products for use in space or creating new technologies and innovations



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