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GetLinks introduces inaugural HR metaverse

GetLinks, a digital platform that connects tech workers with opportunities in Asia, has launched MetaLINKS, the first human resource (HR) metaverse in Asia dedicated to fostering financial and education inclusion for young millennials.

“MetaLINKS is set up to connect and work adjacent to other leading metaverses in the gaming and creative ecosystems by supplying developers, operators and audiences to them, and sharing a common mission to help talent earn more and spend more wisely,” said Pichaya Srifar, co-founder and chief technology officer of GetLinks.

He said the LINKS token is a digital currency that powers MetaLINKS.

Some use cases include the acquisition and engagement of talent, who are rewarded with LINKS, while work and gamified tasks done inside MetaLINKS are transacted using LINKS and smart contracts enhancing current escrow payment solutions, said Mr…

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