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Get to know Dropship, an opportunity for people who want to sell but don’t have time • Thumbsup

When many people work in the office, their salary is less than their expenses. But if you quit your job to sell the whole thing Many people don’t have that kind of capital available. or if borrowing from a bank to sell full Initial investment is high risk. And not everyone will be lucky to create a popular product within the first day it goes on sale.

Therefore, choosing a dropship sales channel should be another way. That will help to have extra income to be a revolving money to sustain life.

Being a dropship sales representative is the retail sale of goods where the seller does not have to have their own products for sale. But it can make money into your pocket in the form of being a sales representative. By bringing product images and details to post for sale on our website or social media channels. and set a selling price that is suitable for our store when we received the order We arrange the money transfer to the merchant and let the merchant deliver the goods to the customer.

for setting the price of the product In addition to getting the cost price of the product already must also check that the price that is sold in the market At what level, for example, a store announces the sale of goods for 100 baht, the price of other stores. Sold at 120-150 baht, but we set the selling price at 200-250 baht. It may be difficult to sell products as well.

Easy to start, low cost

The advantages of drop shipping are: No need to manage products or rent warehouses. You don’t have to pack your stuff – send it yourself. You don’t have to make your own inventory account. Continuous inventory Because you don’t have to mess with the 4 main problems that we told above. It will help to reduce small expenses. What we will be working hard on is buying ads (Ad) on social media or hiring staff to help get more orders in the future.

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want to sell anything not limited to just one

In the old days, when selling something, we might have to choose just one brand and manage each product page. But in an era where Thai people have access to social media a lot Therefore, if you see a trend in a product that is interesting or worth selling. You can choose to sell and open a new page that sells only that product to make it easier to manage and not be confused in answering customers who are interested in our products as well.

However, there are many dropship websites to choose from.

  • https://www.dropshippop.com/
  • https://www.jbuynow.com/seller
  • http://www.dropshoppingthai.com/
  • https://www.lnwdropship.com/seller
  • https://best.aliexpress.com/
  • https://www.theicongroupcenter.com/

There are also many products and websites that facilitate sales. Let’s choose.


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